Hot Dog Pillow Case (standard pillow size) 

For each pillow case you will need:

·        a cuff fabric – 9” x width of fabric (at least 42”)

·        a pillow fabric 27” x width of fabric (at least 42”) – (this is for a non-directional fabric; if you are working with a directional fabric you will need a piece 42” long for each pillowcase from which you can cut a 27” x 42” piece with the pattern running the right way)

·        optional - a trim fabric – this is the divider between the cuff and the pillow. You can make this very narrow – cut a 1” strip, or fairly wide – cut a 3” strip or anything in between. Or use lace or ruffle. Whatever you use it should be 42” long.  If you are using fabric trim fold it in half wrong sides together and press ( the 3” x 42” strip would become a 11/2” x 42” strip.) 

Trim all the pieces to 42” long. 

The cuff fabric is the “bun”. Place it right side up.   

Lay the trim along one edge – all raw edges together.  

Lay one edge of the pillow fabric on top of the trim, with right side down. Pin all the raw edges together – a pin every 6” to 8” is good.

Roll up the pillow fabric – forming the “wiener”. Strategically pin the “wiener’ in place. It should be out of the way of the pinned raw edge so you don’t accidentally sew through it – and the pins should be close enough to the edges so that you can remove them  easily when they are encased by the “bun”. 

Wrap the other edge of the cuff fabric around the “wiener” and re-pin with all the raw edges together. Sew along the pinned edge removing pins as you get to them.  Use whatever seam allowance you are comfortable with – ¼” or wider – just be consistent. 

Press the seam flat to set the seam, remove the pins holding the pillow case fabric in place,  then pull the “wiener” out of the “bun”.

Press the seam flat on both sides. 

Fold in half – wrong sides together and stitch  ¼” seam on the side and back. 

Trim seam back a little to eliminate loose threads and turn inside out. Use something pointy (a knitting needle works well) to bring out the corners and define the seam edges. Press. 

Sew a ⅜” seam along the seamed edges. Turn right side out and give it a final press. – You’re done!